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Artist cuts himself and removes rib in public in the name of democracy (video)

By Mason White 1:11 PM May 11, 2014
He Yunchang 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) An artist cut himself and removed a rib in public after holding a public vote.

He Yunchang of China, decided to suffer for art, and he now wears a necklace made out of his own rib.

The bizarre performance took place under the supervision of a doctor. Yunchang cut a three-foot long gash from his neck to his thigh. The art show was recorded on video.

Yunchang, 47, underwent the procedure without receiving any anesthesia. Before beginning the procedure, a public vote was held on the matter. He named the performance One-Meter Democracy.

Twelve people voted in favor of the procedure, ten voted against it and three abstained. “I want my work to move people,” Yunchang said after cutting himself.

He added that the show was designed to highlight the tension between private citizens and the state. Yunchang is now one of the leading performance artists in China, known for performances designed to test strength and endurance.