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Dog eats and poops cash stashed away for family vacation

By Mason White 1:13 PM May 11, 2014
Dog illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A family’s vacation was nearly canceled after their dog decided to eat their cash.

Murphy of the United Kingdom, was in the doghouse after swallowing 400 pounds ($680) its owners had saved to spend during the family vacation to Spain.

The incident occurred as Ben Lawson and Donnah Dear, along with their two children, were packing for the four-day trip.

The money was on the kitchen table when it suddenly vanished, according to 37-year-old Donnah Dear. She and 36-year-old Ben Lawson, live on Bury Street in Edmunds, Suffolk.

“At some point, we realized that the dog must have eaten the cash, but we couldn’t go on the trip with it the money,” Dear said. Murphy is seven months old.

However, most of the money passed through the dog’s system intact. They said that they recovered 375 pounds of the 400 pounds.

The couple took the money to their local bank, where their checking account was credited despite the fact that the notes were chewed up.

Murphy did not learn its lesson. Days after eating the cash it had to undergo an emergency surgery after eating a sock. The family confirmed that Murphy will be their first and last dog because he eats everything.