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School posts anti-Semitic ‘Judenfrei’ sign at entrance of building

By Mason White 2:58 PM May 11, 2014
The Judenfrei sign 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) Parents of a Latvian school became angry after they saw a sign that read “Judenfrei.”

The sign appeared at the entrance to the private school named Pucite.

“Free of Jews” signs appeared during the era of Nazi Germany. The school is led by two ultra-nationalists. When they were confronted about the sign they brushed off the criticism.

This was not the first time that this school ignited anger among parents. A while back, the school brought in men dressed in SS uniforms, for a patriotic education lesson.

The school in Riga, even posted video footage of this lesson on their website. During the lesson, the kids were shown grenades, pistols, rifles and machine guns, which were used by the SS during World War Two.