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Vigilantes seen on video spraying water cannon on people caught defecating in public

By Mason White 12:11 PM May 12, 2014
Urinating in public illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) Some people will think twice before unzipping in public after being washed down with a water cannon.

Recently, vigilantes in the city of Mumbai, in India, have been looking to punish those people using the streets as a public bathroom.

Eyewitnesses saw the men riding around with a water cannon and spraying those who they caught defecating in public. “You stop, we stop,” is written on the vehicle.

The bright yellow water cannon was created by a group of anti-public urination activists, who call themselves “The Clean Indian.” The group’s purpose is to deter those who are not ashamed to relieve themselves in the streets of the most populous city by turning the tables and “pissing on them.”

The group also hopes to fight the health hazard of urinating in public. The group has recently posted a video of the tank at work on YouTube, with the caption: “You won’t believe what we did to the people using the outdoors as a toilet.”

Some people however, disagree with their tactics, saying that the problem is caused by the lack of public restrooms and by people who have no shame or manners.