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Company sells pigs that taste like whiskey

By Mason White 12:16 PM May 12, 2014
Pig illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A company has created pigs that taste like whiskey.

The founders of the Templeton Rye Distillery in Templeton, Iowa, created the whiskey flavored pork.

The company is raising 25 pigs that were born earlier this year, on a farm in Woodward. Nick Berry, who has a Ph.D. in Animal Science, is taking care of the pigs.

The whiskey taste is achieved despite the fact that the pigs are not drinking any whiskey. Instead, they are eating a different diet that incorporates grains from the whiskey-making process.

The company said on its website that the Templeton Rye Heritage Pork Project, stemmed from their close association to agriculture and livestock. “More and more, people want as much information as is available about the food they are eating – including its history and the path it took from origin to plate. As a group that appreciates both flavor and quality, we thought it would be interesting to bring to market a selection of heritage breed pigs fed a diet using spent Templeton Rye mash,” the company announced.

“We are fortunate to get to visit top chefs around the country and are fans of the farm-to-table movement. We have been involved in a number of culinary events including Aspen Food & Wine, Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, Cochon 555, Kohler Food & Wine, Green City Market Chef’s BBQ, Slow Food Chicago, Chicago Gourmet and Slow Pig,” the company concluded.