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Man and pregnant fiancee receive marijuana laced burgers at McDonald’s

By Mason White 1:17 PM May 14, 2014
McDonald’s burger illustration 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A man is angry after he and his pregnant fiancee received marijuana laced burgers at McDonald’s.

The Iowa couple said that they were served burgers topped with marijuana and the incident is now being investigated by the police.

The incident occurred when 23-year-old Brittany Songer, and 31-year-old Cory Long, ordered two McDoubles. Songer, who is pregnant, and Long were sharing the burger when they discovered what they believe to be marijuana.

Long even offered a bite to Songer’s 2-year-old child, but thankfully, he was not in the mood. The burger had a bad taste, and Long thought maybe it was because Songer had cologne on her hands.

When he opened the burger he realized that the cheese was covered with weed. Police said that the burgers were sent to a laboratory and the results will not return for at least two months.

Long and Songer did not need any medical attention.