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Families angry after thieves steal brass vases from the dead

By Mason White 1:23 PM May 14, 2014
Graves illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) Several families of Oregon, are very angry after they discovered that brass vases they have placed at their loved ones’ graves were missing.

Steve Aitken, his sisters and his brother, went to West Lawn Memorial Park to set flowers at the graves of their mother and father.

That is when Aitken realized that the bronze vases from the graves were missing. Aitken said that he does not know anyone who steals from graves.

“You really have to be a low life to rob the dead,” Aitken said. “Graves are sacred because that is where someone you love is buried,” he added.

Jeff Musgrave, who owns the West Lawn Memorial Park, said that this is not the first time something like this has happened.

Musgrove also said that he has filed a police complaint and is reviewing security camera footage. Police confirmed that they have launched an investigation into the incident, but so far, no arrests have been made.