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Semen like drinks selling on ebay for $115 per bottle

By Mason White 1:25 PM May 14, 2014

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) The new hot drink is a semen like juice.

The bottles are selling on ebay for as much as $115.

The synthetic drink with the consistency of semen, has seen a sharp increase in demand after being placed on ebay.

Soylent, which comes in a white bag with a handful of nutritional facts emblazoned on the side, have soared after an initial batch was released earlier this year in Los Angeles, California.

One seller in Santa Clara, put one bag up for sale on ebay just for fun, and saw bids soar to $115. Thirty people bidded against one another for the product.

The inventor of Soylent, 25-year-old Rob Rhinehart, said that he is happy with the increase in price. Most consumers said that the juice feels like sperm because of its consistency, while some even said that they have decreased their food intake and rely on the drink for their nutrition.