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Parents die in car accident while picking up body of daughter who was killed in car accident

By Mason White 11:19 AM May 14, 2014
Accident scene illustration 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A teenage boy was orphaned from both parents and lost his only sister in one day.

It was a sad day when three members of one family were killed in two separate car accidents in a span of four hours.

The incident began in Mumbai, India, in the Ratnagiri district. 17-year-old Dhanasree Kadam, was driving her father’s motorbike to take a CET Exam for college.

The motorbike overturned on the Mumbai-Goa highway, throwing her from the vehicle. She was rushed to a hospital in Ratnagiri, but succumbed to her injuries.

Her parents were notified of the tragedy and came to be at their daughter’s side. After she was pronounced dead, the body was taken by ambulance to a funeral home.

Her parents, Pravin Kadam, 40, and Priyanka Kadam, 38, followed the ambulance in a car along with another family member when suddenly a heavy piece of machinery tied on the back of a trailer fell onto the car, killing the couple.

The only surviving member of the family is their youngest son, Shivam Kadam,15, who was home at the time of the tragedy. May they rest in peace.

The driver of the trailer has been arrested.