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Taxi driver drugs women to satisfy his sexual thrills of watching them pee in the backseat

By Mason White 11:39 AM May 14, 2014
Toshihiko Nishi  

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A perverted man with a fetish of watching women desperately needing to use the bathroom, was arrested, police in Japan said.

41-year-old Toshihiko Nishi, got sexual thrills of seeing women on the verge of peeing themselves and ultimately wetting themselves out of desperation.

Nishi found the perfect job to feed his fixation. By being a taxi driver it gave him access to women, police in the city of Osaka said.

He allegedly lured women on long trips in his taxi and sometimes offered half-price rates. Then he offered them biscuits covered with diuretics, a substance that promotes the production of urine.

“I was excited to see women trying to resist the urge to urinate,” the driver told investigators after he was arrested.

He admitted to buying the diuretics over the Internet. He then crushed the substance and mixed it into cookies, which he offered to his customers.

One victim told police that she had gotten into the cab of Nishi in Osaka, and was given a small paper cup containing cookies.

Shortly after eating the snack, she desperately needed to urinate. She asked the driver stop so she can use a restroom, but he refused. Instead, he passed her an absorbent sheet and encouraged her to urinate on it.

When police raided Nishi’s home, they found videos of more than 50 women wetting themselves or peeing in the backseat of his car. He secretly recorded the acts with a security camera he installed in his cab.

Nishi has been arrested and charged for committing a violent act.