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Teacher quits after being caught stealing cash from student’s lockers (video)

By Mason White 10:56 AM May 15, 2014
Rodney Barnes 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A Florida teacher is out of a job after he was allegedly caught stealing cash from his students’ lockers.

The gym teacher of Volusia County, has resigned after his arrest on charges of robbery.

Rodney Barnes, 43, of Ormond Beach, was a gym teacher at New Smyrna Beach High School. He was also an assistant football coach at the school.

The Sheriff’s Office of Volusia County confirmed on Wednesday, that Barnes has resigned from the school. The Florida Department of Education will determine whether Barnes will lose his teaching license.

The investigation began several months ago, when a school resource deputy was contacted by students and the school administration about the thefts inside the boy’s locker rooms.

In each robbery, only cash was taken, but a bit of money and all electronics were left behind.

The suspect, later identified as Barnes, would leave half the money behind. Students told deputies that their lockers were secured and that the valuables were not visible through the doors.

Because the incidents were occurring inside the locker room, cameras could not be installed. To locate the suspect, deputies used UV powder.

When another theft was reported, police looked on Barnes’ hands and detected the UV powder. Barnes admitted to deputies and school officials that he took one of the $50 bills and also admitted to several other thefts.

So far, nine students who had money stolen from them have been identified, and a total of $950 was taken.