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New app allows alcohol delivery to your door in 30 minutes

By Mason White 8:57 AM May 16, 2014
The Drizly app 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) Thanks to a new app, alcohol can be delivered to your door on demand.

“Download the application, set your location and add your favorite beer, wine or liquor. A local liquor store will deliver your order in 20 to 40 minutes,” Nick Rellas, CEO and co-founder of Drizly, said.

He said that the major obstacle to creating the application, which began in Boston, Massachusetts, and has just been launched in Chicago, Illinois, was making sure it would not be used by minors. Rellas said the application allows stores to authenticate identity.

The app also allows customers to track their order in real time, from the store and until it reaches their door. Seven liquor stores in Chicago, have already signed up to participate so far.

“Drizly is a mobile lifestyle app that is the fastest, most responsible way for smartphone users to get beer, wine and liquor delivered to their doorstep. Delivery drivers authenticate and validate IDs using Drizly technology. The company has raised $2.3 million to become the Amazon for alcohol in Boston, New York City and other cities across the United States,” the company states on its website.