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Pastor pleads guilty to peeping into couple’s bedroom while they had sex

By Mason White 10:45 AM May 18, 2014
Jeremy Grinnell insert 

By: Anika Rao
A married pastor was arrested, charged and found guilty of peeping into a couple’s room while they made love.

Jeremy Grinnell, 42, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was the pastor and professor at Cornerstone University, as well as a teaching pastor at Bella Vista Church in Rockford, when he was caught looking into the couple’s bedroom.

Grinnell has admitted to climbing onto a ladder, which was leaning against the house, so that he could see the couple having sex in their bedroom.

Grinnell also admitted to seeing the couple having sex. When he returned a second time to watch the couple, he was caught red handed by the male victim, and was subsequently arrested.

Grinnell was fired from both jobs and has since pleaded guilty to the charge. He will be sentenced at a later date.