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Father takes out restraining order against 5 year old after child threatened to slit his daughter’s throat

By Mason White 9:50 AM May 19, 2014
Bullying illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A father of Wisconsin, said that he had no choice but to apply for a restraining order against a 5-year-old child, after that individual threatened to slit his daughter’s throat.

Brian Metzger claimed that the entire class was suffering from that one bully, and the school was not doing enough to protect his daughter.

“I want to cut your throat and watch you bleed,” the bully allegedly told his daughter. Metzger claimed that his daughter was also physically assaulted by the 5-year-old bully at an elementary school in Kenosha County.

After the school did nothing to stop the bully, Metzger showed up with a restraining order. According to a police report, the girl was kicked in the face, and had sand and rocks thrown at her.

The little girl, who loved kindergarten, does not want to go to school. A spokesperson for the school however, claimed that there is always two sides to every story.