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Muslims attack hundreds of tourists visiting the Holy Basin in Jerusalem’s Old City

By Mason White 1:28 PM May 20, 2014
Tower of david in Jerusalem 

By: Aryeh Savir
Hundreds of tourists came under attack while visiting Jerusalem’s Old City, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

Israelis living in the Old City and tourists coming to visit the Holy Basin, are the targets of an increasing wave of violence perpetrated by Muslims, according to a report compiled by a civilian security company guarding the area and published by IDF Radio.

March was more violent than the three preceding months, with 157 nationalistically motivated attacks. 150 incidents were registered during February, 120 in January, and 140 in December. The lowest number of attacks recorded in the past two and a half years was 80 attacks a month, which translate into almost three attacks a day.

The Israeli communities and neighborhoods in the Old City are secured by civilian security companies contracted by the Ministry of Construction. These companies run a daily log of events, which depict a violent reality of potentially deadly attacks including fire bombs, IED’s and the firing of firecrackers at buildings.

Stone-throwing consisted of 80 percent of the attacks. Most attacks end with no injury.

The Tazpit News Agency records such attacks on a daily basis. Just last night, a police officer was wounded by stones near the Lion Gate.