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Woman addicted to being pregnant becomes surrogate mother free of charge

By Mason White 10:02 AM May 20, 2014
Pregnant woman illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) One woman loves the feeling and attention she gets when she is pregnant.

However, she already has a family of four children.

Rather than having more children, the woman is offering her body to couples who cannot have babies of their own.

37-year-old Tara Sawyer of England, has already given birth to seven children, four of whom are her own. She is happiest with a bulging belly.

When she’s not expecting, Sawyer feels empty and is craving for pregnancy, but not for a baby.

“I just always loved having the big belly and having people cooing over the precious little gift inside,” Sawyer said.

In the past two years, Sawyer of Cambridgeshire, has handed over a set of twins to one set of parents and one baby to another set of parents. She has no plans to stop having children for other people.

Despite the law stating that she is entitled to $25,000 in expenses for surrogacy, Sawyer does it for free. She is so happy with the “rush” from seeing the positive pregnancy test and from being pregnant that she refuses to take payment.

Sawyer, who was adopted as a child, feels good to help people like her adopted parents to have biological kids of their own.

Her husband, Matt Sawyer, 37, a truck driver, is supportive of his wife’s decision to carry the children for strangers.

“It did not take much convincing,” said Tara. “He knew how I was feeling about pregnancy and knew there was a hole I had to fill,” she said.

Matt Sawyer was more concerned about whether she would be able to hand over the baby after giving birth, but now, he fully supports his wife.