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Woman beats husband for disturbing her while she was having sex with another man

By Mason White 10:08 AM May 20, 2014
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By: Anika Rao
A man was assaulted by his wife during a drunken rage.

The woman was angry that her husband called her repeatedly, which disturbed her while she was having sex with another man.

Elisha Mandirahwe of Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, asked the court for an order of protection against his wife. He told the judge that his promiscuous wife had a tendency of returning home drunk and fighting with him.

Mr. Mandirahwe said that on one occasion, his wife, Teresa Mandirahwe, came home drunk after being with her boyfriend, and she was fuming and screaming. She demanded to know why he was calling and disturbing her when she was having sex.

When the man explained that he wanted her to come to cook dinner for their children, she threw a tantrum and beat him.

Elisha Mandirahwe also claimed that he had pornographic images of his wife that were sent to him by his colleague.

Teresa Mandirahwe however, said that her husband was the one assaulting her. The woman said that her husband had a nude photo of a woman and claimed that it was her.

“He started beating me and called me a prostitute in front of our son,” Teresa Mandirahwe told the court. She admitted to biting her husband on the leg.

The judge ordered the couple to stay away from each other.