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New York teacher fired after asking her 9-year-old students for dating advice

By Mason White 1:36 PM May 22, 2014
Cassandre Fiering 

By: Hydar Tomar
A teacher was left without a job after asking her 9-year-old students for dating tips, the New York Department of Education said.

The Bronx substitute teacher, 45-year-old Cassandre Fiering, asked students at PS 189 to help her choose between the two men she was dating.

Several students advised her to drop the younger boyfriend because he had not returned phone calls. Fiering also acts in commercials and had small roles in movies and television.

She was also accused of acting out scenarios in which the children were her and she was her boyfriend. She complained that the younger boyfriend, a mechanic in Rhode Island, did not return phone calls.

Fiering hugged one student, tapped another on the shoulder and touched the thighs of two other students. Fiering said that the conversations were harmless and done in fun.

She said that she is appealing her dismissal and firmly denied touching any of the students. Fiering followed the advice of the students. She has broken up with her younger boyfriend.