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Murder trial brought to halt after two court officers were seen having sex in the courthouse

By Mason White 11:07 AM May 22, 2014
Couple having sex in court illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A judge in Italy, suspended a trial for a day after spotting two court officers engaging in sex.

Judge Ivaldi Anna, told prosecutors to end the murder trial for the day after she saw the two having sex in an office next to the courtroom.

Apparently, they had thought that being behind smoked glass windows would mask their steamy love affair, but the judge was still able see them.

One of the two staff members is reportedly married.
Judge Ivaldi ordered the trial in Genoa, to be stopped, while the two employees were ordered to stop their passionate fling.

According to witnesses, prosecutor Sabrina Monteverde was arguing the case of Yassin Mahmod, who was born in Morocco and was accused of killing another person in the Italian port city.

The judge heard a strange noise, looked up and saw the silhouette of two naked bodies. It was pretty clear what was going on, they were having sex.

The judge suspended the murder case and had the officers taken away.

Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident and charges are pending.