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Teen arrested after being caught raping his uncle’s donkey

By Mason White 11:56 AM May 22, 2014
Donkey illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
A teenager was arrested and held without bail after he raped a donkey.

18-year-old Mbongiseni Dube of Zimbabwe, appeared before Victoria Falls magistrate judge Sharon Rosemani, and was remanded into custody after being accused of rape.

Prosecutor David Tivakudze told the court that Dube was helping his uncle, Stephan Dube, with the donkeys before they took a break to smoke tobacco.

Later, the teen told his uncle that he was going to check on the donkeys. After realizing that his nephew had been gone for too long, Stephan Dube decided to check on him.

He found the donkeys grazing nearby, but one female donkey was missing. Stephan Dube searched for his nephew and found him half-dressed and having sex with the donkey in a bushy area.

When he saw his uncle, Mbongiseni Dube fled, leaving his shirt behind.

Mbongiseni Dube denied the allegations that he raped the donkey. Instead, he told the court that he found the donkey brutally beaten apparently by a stranger.

He claimed the reason he was standing behind the donkey shirtless was because he was trying to ride the donkey and bring it back to his uncle’s farm.

Stephan Dube said that the donkey was also bleeding, indicating that it had been brutally beaten before being sexually abused.