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Angry homeowners waterboard builder for building ugly toilets

By Mason White 12:39 PM May 23, 2014
Bathroom illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
Several homeowners were unhappy with the toilets they received so they decided to waterboard the builder, police in Sweden said.

Stockholm Police said that the two suspects have taken their revenge a little too far after the failed renovation of their bathrooms.

The two of Botkyrka, are now facing assault charges after allegedly kidnapping the builder, waterboarding him in the ugly toilet, stuffing him into a car trunk and dumping him in a nearby town. The 31-year-old unidentified victim told police that he was choked until he lost consciousness, waking up in the bathroom where he was waterboarded.

He said that he thought he was going to die. Water boarding is a torture technique that simulates drowning.

The two suspects denied the kidnapping charges but admit that an altercation took place. Blood was found on their properties.

They have claimed that the 31-year-old builder had pocketed a lot of money and the renovation was heavily delayed and poorly done. They also claimed that the allegations made against them is a joke.