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Boyfriend horrified to learn that his ‘pregnant girlfriend’ was actually a man

By Mason White 12:04 PM May 23, 2014
Fake pregnancy belly illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A man was horrified when he learned that he had been deceived for months.

The man believed that he was living with a woman, who was pregnant with his children, but “she” turned out to be a man.

Wang, 28, of Zhejiang, China, met his girlfriend last year. Xiao Qian was an army doctor when he hooked up through WeChat, a mobile messaging application.

The two immediately fell in love, and soon, Wang moved in with Qian. After a couple of months together, 28-year-old Qian told Wang that she was pregnant with twins.

The two decided to get married so they can raise their family together. Wang introduced Qian to his parents.

Everything seemed to be perfectly fine until Qian said that she was forced by her army unit to have an abortion because she became pregnant out of wedlock.

Wang was livid about the abortion and the two had a big fight. Then, he began to realize that his girlfriend was constantly talking to someone on the phone and suspected she was having an affair.

Wang did his own investigation. While trying to find evidence of her cheating ways, Wang found his girlfriend’s military ID card. The gender section of the badge labeled her as a male.

Wang recalled that he had never seen Qian naked and she always showered when he was not around. Qian never allowed him touch her ​​private parts when they were together.

Wang secretly contacted Qian’s new lover and told him about the discovery. The second man was equally shocked as Qian made him believe that he was the father of her unborn babies.

The two contacted police and Qian was arrested. Following the arrest, Qian admitted that she pretended to be pregnant by wrapping cotton around her stomach. He said that he preferred to dress as a woman.