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University of Tennessee chapter shut down after the pouring of hot sauce on students’ privates

By Mason White 12:47 PM May 25, 2014
Hot sauce illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
A university chapter has been shut down after students reported that they suffered abuse, including the pouring of hot sauce on their private parts, a police investigation in Tennessee uncovered.

Students in Knoxville, who hoped to become members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, were abused for failing to answer questions.

They were hit with sticks and had hot sauce poured on their genitals. Some aspiring members, who had already been denied by the national headquarters of the fraternity, underwent hazing with no hope of becoming Alpha Phi Alpha members.

The strange circumstances that led to the shut down of the University of Tennessee chapter were detailed in a report from the Office of Judicial Affairs.

“New Students & Family Programs received a phone call from a concerned parent, who was worried that her son was being hazed. The parent was referred to Sorority and Fraternity Life staff. Sorority and Fraternity Life Staff received a call from a gentleman advising that his nephew was going through the process to become a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, and that he was concerned about changes in the nephew’s personality. A folder containing historical facts, a hand written letter, and pair of men‘s underwear was delivered to the Dean of Student’s Office. The letter advised that an element of the hazing involved pouring hot sauce on the young men‘s genitals and that the underwear was stained with hot sauce,” a document about the investigation revealed.

“Investigation into the allegations by University staff members resulted in admissions by students that they underwent the hazing. The students advised that the hazing included screaming for failing to answer questions correctly, paddling, and hot sauce being poured on genitals. The investigation further revealed that the hazing led to the need of seeking medical attention,” the document concluded.