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Pizza delivery man arrested after using emergency lights and sirens to get to customer faster

By Mason White 12:51 PM May 25, 2014
Thomas Reid 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A pizza delivery man was arrested on charges of reckless driving after allegedly using emergency lights and sirens to make his delivery faster, police in South Carolina said.

Rock Hill Police said that they arrested 23-year-old Thomas Reid, a volunteer with the Rock Hill Rescue Squad, on Sunday, on charges of reckless driving and abuse of an emergency signal.

The incident began when a man called 911 to report seeing a green Honda with yellow and red lights flashing, chasing a car. The caller told police that the driver was wearing a Pizza Hut shirt, and stopped at a mobile home park to deliver pizza.

The 911 caller gave police the license plate number, and they found Reid at the Pizza Hut on Herlong Avenue. During questioning, Reid first denied the allegations.

Later, he told officers that his light switch was broken and it turned on by itself. Reid was suspended from the Rock Hill Rescue Squad.