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Small piece of paper with the word ‘the’ written on it selling on ebay for $10,000

By Mason White 12:53 PM May 25, 2014
“The” for sale 

By: Anika Rao
Some crazy people are willing to pay more than $10,000 for a small piece of paper with the word “the” written on it, an item listing on ebay showed.

The seller of Australia, describes the item for sale as the ideal accessory for potted plants to a decoration for a piano.

The word “the,” is ideal for any situation. There are still four days to go before bidding on the item ends.

Eager buyers are busy placing offers that already topped $10,000.

The seller wrote the following:

I am selling the word “The.”

Handwritten with a blue ballpoint pen, on a torn piece of Reflex A4 paper, this versatile word can be used in literally thousands of sentences.

For example:

“The dogs have escaped again.”
“I will buy some meat from the local deli.”
“What’s the time?”

Ideal for any situation, this fun-loving item fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, wallet or purse. Looks great sitting on a MacBook Pro, and emits a mysterious beauty when leaning against sea shells.

It’s the quintessential addition to any pot plant. It can also be used to wipe the fog from a snorkel, and is timeless when placed in a puppy and bunny rabbit scenario.

It’s a popular word for the whole family. Bidding will begin at 99 cents. No other items from the photos will be included with this word.

Don’t waste my time with any ridiculous questions. Free postage included.