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Real estate company issues letter banning its employees from having sex in toilets

By Mason White 1:25 PM May 26, 2014
Toilet illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A real estate company sent emails to its employees, prohibiting them from having sex in toilets.

Savills Sloane Street director Richard Gutteridge, emailed his employees after a plumber spent seven hours this week, fixing a stuffed pipe in the ladies room.

The plumber revealed that condoms were blocking the flow in the pipes. After the problem was solved at a great cost, Gutteridge wrote and email to all his 50 agents, prohibiting them from sexual activity in the toilets.

To the embarrassment of the company, the email was published on the Internet, and it has since gone viral. Earlier this month, a restaurant owner did the unthinkable and swallowed a condom in order to destroy evidence.

The incident began when disgusted diner Mai Liang, was halfway through her fish and squid rings dish, when she discovered the particular chewy piece.

Upon closer examination, she realized that it was a condom. However, the story took another strange twist when the owner of the restaurant, which is located in the Anhui Province, China, grabbed the condom and swallowed it.

The woman said that she does not know if the condom was new or used. Yi Ze Teng, the owner of the restaurant, said that she ate the condom in order to stop arguing with the customer.

She blamed her customer for planting it in the dish in order to get a free meal. Teng said that Liang claimed that if she swallowed the condom she would let the matter go.

The diner hired a lawyer in an attempt to secure a compensation package, and claimed that the owner swallowed the condom to destroy evidence.