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Woman impregnated with stepfather’s sperm as surrogate refuses to hand over baby to her mother

By Mason White 9:54 AM May 25, 2014
Leanne Stanford with baby Mollie 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A woman offered to be a surrogate mom for her own mother and stepfather after her mother’s miscarriage.

However, when the baby was born, the woman refused to hand over the baby.

26-year-old Leanne Stanford of the United Kingdom, offered to be a surrogate mom for her mother, Judith Roberts, after she miscarried a son they named Braydon, dashing her dreams of having a son.

As the family left the hospital’s Chapel of Rest in Newcastle, Stanford tried to console her mother and offered to be a surrogate mom.

A couple of months later, the couple accepted Stanford’s offer. Stanford became pregnant by using a syringe filled with sperm provided by her stepfather, Mark Robert.

However, when baby Mollie was born, Stanford decided she wanted to keep the child and refused to hand her over to her mother and stepfather.

Stanford, who has four boys from a previous relationship, said that when she looks at her daughter she is overwhelmed with love for her.

She explained that the love for her child is stronger than her love for her mother, therefore, she decided to keep the baby.

Stanford applied for child support from her stepfather and he is forced to pay for the child. Mark and Judith Robert cut all ties with Stanford. They want nothing to do with her.