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Parents lose custody of 5-month-old boy after refusing to give him first name

By Mason White 9:43 AM May 26, 2014
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By: Aarav Sen
A couple lost custody of their child after refusing to name him.

The couple said that they will fight the judge’s order as they believe that they are capable of caring for the child.

The baby of Watford, England, was not given a name by his parents for five months after birth, and will now be placed in foster care.

Mrs. Justice Parker said she was concerned by the lack of a name and by the father’s “dangerous” behavior.

Judge Parker said that not naming the child could be “emotionally damaging.”

When social workers initially came to take the baby, his father assaulted one of them and threatened another worker, an incident that also caused concern for the judge.

The father claimed that he was frustrated by the “invasive” approach used by social services.

The judge also expressed concern about the vulnerability of the baby’s mother, who had been diagnosed with a learning disability.

The couple intends to challenge the ruling of Judge Parker in the Court of Appeals.

The judge has not revealed the reason the family decided not to name the baby.

In another incident, a family decided to raise their child gender neutral so that the child can “choose” which gender it wants to associate with.