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Kids drawings on father’s passport leaves family stranded in South Korea

By Mason White 9:46 AM May 26, 2014
The passport 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A kid’s adorable drawings left his family stranded in another country.

Kids love to draw and child psychologists even say that it is good for their development. However, there is a time and place for everything.

One four-year-old child of China, left his father stranded after he scribbled all over the passport when the two were on a trip to South Korea.

The child used the passport as a coloring book and colored into his father’s eyes, and drew him whiskers and a beard.

He also did some other drawings on the passport. The father posted a photo of the passport to a social networking site earlier this week.

The trip’s organizers and authorities at the Chinese embassy, helped the father get the necessary paperwork done so that he can obtain a new passport.