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Missing girl found in hotel room preparing to have sex with man, 32, after meeting online

By Mason White 9:53 AM May 26, 2014
Hercules Nelson Jr. 

By: Hydar Tomar
A man was arrested after he was found with a young girl in a hotel room.

The two met and went to a hotel room to have sex after meeting online. The man of Virginia, allegedly drove to Pennsylvania, to meet the 12-year-old girl.

32-year-old Hercules Nelson Jr. of Virginia Beach, allegedly told investigators that he knew the child’s age and planned to have sex with her, police said.

Nelson was charged with attempted rape of a child, indecent assault and kidnapping of a minor amongst other charges.

The search for the girl began on Friday afternoon, when she did not come home from school.

After speaking to some people, the mother learned that her daughter was seen entering a man’s car.
Police issued a description of the girl, the vehicle she entered and the man who drove the car, to all police units in the area.

Within half an hour, officers found the man’s car in a Harrisburg Pike hotel parking lot. They subsequently found the man and the girl inside a room.

Police said Hercules hooked up with the child after meeting her in a chat room online, and then the two texted each other.

Hercules is being held on $250,000 bond. Police urged parents to talk to their children about the dangers of online predators, and to monitor the activity of their children, both online and in texts.