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Panic breaks out at school after 6 students released thousands of crickets

By Mason White 11:53 AM May 27, 2014
Crickets illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) School children began running in panic after several students released thousands of crickets as a prank, school officials in Pennsylvania said.

According to the initial investigation of the incident, several students have participated in the prank at the Chartiers Valley High School in Bridgeville.

“The crickets were released in our high school. The students responsible for this were identified, and they are subject to our code of conduct,” School District spokesperson Kara Droney said. Students said that several thousand crickets were released in the school by six students.

A security camera caught in the school caught the prank on video. School officials and teachers were seen collecting the insects.

In March, a family was left traumatized after hundreds of deadly spiders popped out from a bunch of bananas. 31-year-old Jamie Roberts, said that his family fled in panic after realizing that their fruit was infested with a spider nest containing hundreds of bugs.

Roberts suffers from a fear of spiders, and his wife Crystal, 30, called pest controllers, who advised them to leave their home in Hednesford, Staffs, United Kingdom, immediately. The couple, along with their two children, Georgina, 7, and Joshua, 5, left their home and stayed away for three days until their home was declared bug free.

The species of spiders have not been officially identified, but the family believes they were the world’s most venomous Brazilian Wandering Spider. The incident began after they bought bananas from their local shop and placed them in a fruit bowl on the windowsill in the kitchen. Several days later, the window curtain was covered in spiders.

The bunch of bananas were purchased at a OneStop store near their home. The family is now waiting for pest controllers to confirm if the spiders were of the deadly species.