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Woman, 41, hospitalized after being beaten with baseball bat by her 21-year-old bodybuilder boyfriend

By Mason White 11:15 AM May 27, 2014
Lucas Artis 

By: Aarav Sen
A man was dating a much older woman, who seemed to be acting as his sugar mom.

When the woman asked the young man for help to pay a meal he snapped and beat her up.

Now, the bodybuilder has been jailed for the brutal attack on his partner.

Lucas Artis, 21, was arrested after he attacked his girlfriend after she asked to help pay for their anniversary dinner.

The girlfriend, 41 year-old Tina Gillian, was in her bedroom when the two got into an argument over money. That is when Artis began beating the woman with a baseball bat, breaking her elbow and finger, and giving her a black eye and bruises all over her body.

Artis told police he had “flipped” and described the incident as “a flash of anger.”

Defense attorney Nadim Bashir said that before the incident there had been no previous indication of violence, and that the relationship had its ups and downs.

Artis pleaded guilty to one count of causing injury with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. Judge Jonathan Rose sentenced Artis to six years and eight months in prison.