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Woman files for divorce after husband refuses to have sex leaving her a virgin 6 years after marriage

By Mason White 11:03 AM May 27, 2014
Divorce illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
A woman asked a judge for a divorce from her high school sweetheart after her refused to have sex.

The frustrated woman in Jiaxing, China, who is still a virgin after six years of marriage, filed for divorce this week.

Wei and Xiao Ling, were classmates in high school, and always liked each other. When they graduated from college the lovebirds decided to get married.

Wei Ling worked at his family’s business and the couple seemed to be headed for a happy future together.

However, things did not work well. Xiao Ling told the judge that Wei deliberately avoided his wife by staying out late and only came into the room after Xiao Ling had fallen asleep, which means that the couple never consummated their marriage of six years.

Xiao Ling, believing that her husband was suffering from some kind of psychological problem, tried to make him see a doctor, but he refused.

Xiao Ling got medical proof that she was still a virgin and used that as evidence in court. With all her proof in hand, the judge granted a divorce.

In another incident, a woman told her boyfriend that she was pregnant with their twins. She later claimed that she was forced to have an abortion. After some investigating, the man learned that his “girlfriend” was actually a man.