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Boys, 4, prank parents by saying a snake swallowed a child who was hiding

By Mason White 11:12 AM May 27, 2014
Paballo Singini 

By: Aarav Sen
Parents of a small village were in panic after learning that a snake ate a young child.

Nobody realized that this was actually part of prank set up by very young children.

4-year-old Paballo Singini, terrorized villagers in Ledig, North West, South Africa, after persuading his classmates to say that a snake swallowed him.

Singini’s classmate agreed to play along and told school officials and their parents that a snake swallowed their classmate while he was playing at the river.

Meanwhile, Singini hid at his house. Soon, the frightened parents were at the school asking about the safety of their children.

While the tension was high and people were in panic, Singini was resting at home. When questioned as to where and how the incident took place, the young boys finally admitted that it was all a prank.

His mother, Kelebogile Singini, said that her son was naughty and she believed that he was behind the prank.

Days before the incident took place, Singini told his mother that he was licked by a snake. “He is very intelligent and creative,” Kelebogile Singini said.

“Who knows, he might even become a comedian or a writer, judging by the way he acts,” his mother added.