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Couple’s kinky sex session ends when key to handcuffs get stuck inside her privates

By Mason White 11:10 AM May 27, 2014
Jason and Michelle with the x-ray 

By: Devansh Dutt
A kinky sex session ended when a man hid keys in the woman’s privates.

The couple of Canada, was on vacation when they had kinky sex, which involved handcuffs.

The couple, who were identified only as Jason and Michelle, were in Van Nuys, California, when they decided to role play during sex. Michelle dressed up as a beautiful princess and Jason dressed in a dragon costume.

During the course of the role play, the keys to the handcuffs were placed inside her vagina.

When Jason attempted to retrieve it he was unable to do so. The key was stuck inside her uterus, forcing her to seek medical help.

When a doctor examined Michelle through an ultrasound he found that the key was in her cervix, but there was one big problem, the woman had an IUD, a contraceptive device implanted in the uterus, and the key was entangled in the nylon string that is used to remove the IUD.

The doctor was concerned that removing the key will pull the IUD out of its place. Doctors were eventually able to remove the device. Now the couple is able to laugh about the incident.