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Man breaks into homes to tickle sleeping female college students’ feet

By Mason White 12:55 PM May 29, 2014
Tickling feet illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
Police are looking to arrest a man, who was accused of breaking into homes to tickle the feet of female students while they are asleep, police in Massachusetts said.

Boston Police said that the suspect has been entering the homes of students living near Boston College, and watched them sleep or tickled their feet.

Police received at least ten complaints about “the tickler.” At least three students have been attacked on the same night.

Victims have described the suspect as a 5 foot 8 inch black man with dark clothes and a hoodie. Some victims complained that the man watched them through the windows while committing sex acts.

No valuables were reported stolen. One student said that she woke up on Sunday, and felt that her feet are being tickled.

“I thought my friend was trying to annoy me, but I soon realized that he was not my friend or anyone else I know. I got scared, and he fled from the house,” one victim said.

Police have launched an investigation into the incidents, but so far, no arrests have been made.