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Married singer impregnates six women of the same town within six months

By Mason White 2:36 PM May 29, 2014
Pregnant women illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A mother is outraged after her only son got 6 women pregnant within six months.

Bruce “Bvaru” Manomano is known in Zimbabwe, for his hit single track, which he wrote in support of the Shabanie Mine Football Club a couple of years ago.

Being popular has made it easy for him to hook up with women. Now, six women claim that he made them pregnant.

His mother, Venencia Manomano, who also has two daughters, confirmed the development in an interview, as she wept and cursed her son for bringing shame and problems to the family by impregnating all these women.

She also complained that her son abandoned all these women.

Venencia Manomano said that the women are coming to her house and want support for their unborn babies.

“Bruce is a good for nothing son, who only knows how to impregnate women before dumping them at my house. He did not even take care of his two legal wives,” said Venencia.

Bruce, who is the only son of a family of three, said he knew of only four women, and not six, but did not deny that he sleeps with different women in the city due to his popularity.

Bruce said that he was looking for divine intervention, as he could not resist sleeping with different women.

His first wife Yolanda Gondwe, who is a bartender at the FC Platinum Lounge, said that life is becoming unbearable as people were now mocking her. She is now seeking a divorce.

“I cannot live with this man who treats women like dogs because of his insatiable sexual appetite,” Gondwe said.