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Man kills his former girlfriend’s brother because he refused to delete cellphone sex video

By Mason White 11:50 AM May 1, 2014
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By: Anika Rao
A man is dead after being stabbed by his sister’s former boyfriend, who refused to delete a cellphone sex video, police in the United Kingdom said.

The violence began when Michelle Stangroom told 30-year-old Andrew Morris, that she will leave him if he does not get back to work.

Morris took time off of work after suffering from panic attacks. She also told him to destroy a sex video that they had made on his mobile phone. Morris refused her requests.

After Morris refused his girlfriend’s request to delete the sex video from his mobile phone, her brother got involved and asked Morris to delete it. That is when Morris decided to kill him.

Morris was arrested and charged with murder for allegedly killing his girlfriend’s brother, 21-year-old Henry Stangroom, several days after his girlfriend gave him the ultimatum.

He stabbed Stangroom with a knife and then stabbed himself in an attempt to commit suicide. Morris admitted to the killing, but claims he was mentally ill at the time of the attack after suffering from depression.

Morris of London, suffered panic attacks while working for Goldman Sachs.