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Couple who lived together for 42 years walks in front of train to die together

By Mason White 9:52 AM May 1, 2014
Earl and Mary Myatt 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A New York couple decided to end their life together and walked in front of a train.

Earl and Mary Myatt, met each other when they were 17 years old.

The two were high school sweethearts and were married for 42 years.

When Mary Myatt suffered a brain aneurysm 4 months ago, she lost the ability to care for herself. Earl Myatt had a hard time watching the love of his life deteriorate.

One afternoon, the couple drove to a railway near Verona, in New York. Earl Myatt then called his son Brad and told him “I love you and I’m sorry.” Mary Myatt also spoke briefly with Brad.

Railway officials said that CCTV footage shows the couple ignoring a warning horn from an oncoming freight train and they purposely waited in its path.

Mr. and Mrs. Myatt, who were both 59 years old, walked directly into the path of the freight train.

Brad Myatt said that Mary was his father’s world and he could not bear to see her suffer. Brad also said that he has called the driver of the freight train to apologize for what happened.