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Man arrested after drinking his own urine at restaurant in front of other customers

By Mason White 9:35 AM May 1, 2014
Man drinks urine illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) People were disgusted and called police after they witnessed a man drinking his own urine.

26-year-old Ryan Bravo of Washington, was asked to leave the Old Country Buffet in Kennewick, after people told staff what they have witnessed.

Witnesses told police that Bravo stood up, unzipped his pants, urinate into a cup and then drink it, according to Sgt. Ken Lattin.

Kennewick Police got to the scene and arrested Bravo as he walked away from the restaurant. Investigators said that many people were disturbed by the incident and that there were multiple complaints.

“Can you imagine being there with your family and this type of action takes place right in the middle of the restaurant,” Lattin said. “It’s obscene,” he added.

It’s obscene and illegal, and it’s certainly not normal behavior.

The 26-year-old was charged with urinating in public and is still in jail. He was banned from restaurants for five years.

Lattin said that although they had to arrest and charge the man, he believes that Bravo needs mental health help and he hopes the man gets proper treatment.