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Bensonhurst man arrested for keeping a pet alligator in children’s pool

By Mason White 4:49 PM June 1, 2014
Alligator illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
A Bensonhurst man was arrested on charges of improper precaution of a wild animal after allegedly keeping an alligator as a pet in his home, police in New York said.

Brooklyn prosecutors said that the suspect is facing fines and possible jail time for keep the 3-foot long alligator at his home.

Victor Alexandria said that his alligator is more than a pet. His name is Dino, and it is 3 years old.

Alexandria claims that the alligator was his friend because he believe that all animals are his friend. He took care of the animal since it fit in the palm of his hand.

He also said that children hold it all the time and it never bit anyone. Alexandria sometimes kept the animal in a children’s pool behind his house, which is located on Bay 40th Street.

The suspect is not taking the matter seriously as a judge laughed him all the way out of the courtroom. However, prosecutors said that the case is moving forward.

Alexandria faces a $500 fine and up to a year in jail if convicted of the charges. The alligator was taken to an animal shelter.