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Mother beaten to death in McDonald’s after refusing to give her cellphone number to men

By Mason White 11:59 AM June 1, 2014
One of the killers 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A woman was killed after refusing to give her phone number to a group of men.

The woman was brutally beaten to death by six people at a McDonald’s in Zhaoyuan, China’s eastern province of Shandong.

According to the Zhaoyuan Police, the cold blooded killers belong to a cult called the “All-powerful spirit.” They have been collecting phone numbers from women in order to recruit new members.

The victim, who was identified as Miss Wu, is in her 20s and has children. While she was having dinner at McDonald’s, she was approached by one of the suspects, named Zhang, who asked for her phone number.

After she refused to hand over her number, an argument broke out followed by a fight. Zhang and three members of his family along with two other gang members kicked Wu in the head while she was on the ground before taking an iron bar and hitting her on the head until it broke.

When people attempted to intervene and save the woman the attackers warned that anyone who gets involved will also be killed.

Police arrived and arrested the killers. They all confessed to the crime. One of the attackers is a minor and cannot be charged as an adult. The rest of the cult members were charged with intentional homicide.