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Heroic teacher dies while saving his suicidal student after pulling him out of window

By Mason White 12:05 PM June 1, 2014
The teacher Zhu 

By: Hydar Tomar
A teacher gave his life while saving his suicidal student.

Citizens in the Anhui Province, China, paid respect to a heroic teacher, who sacrificed his own life to save his student.

37-year-old Zhu, taught at the Jinji Middle School in Tianchang. He became aware of a missing female student, who left a mysterious letter addressed to him.

In the letter, she wrote that she decided to stop going to school and run away from home. The teacher became concerned about his student so he decided to search for her.

Later that evening, he finally found her at another student’s home. The girl was suicidal and the teacher spoke to her and calmed her down.

However, the girl suddenly ran towards and open window and began climbing out. Zhu immediately ran after her and tried to grab her. As he got a hold of her he was pulled along and the two plummeted from the three story window to the ground.

As they fell, Zhu managed to hold on tightly to the girl and he somehow managed to turn, so the girl was on top of him. He acted as a cushion for the girl and she survived the fall, while he died.

So far, it was not established whether the student and teacher had a special relationship, but since the heartbreaking story made headlines people have been speculating that their was something more going on between the two.