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Nigerian scammers jailed after collecting taxes on non existent lottery winnings

By Mason White 11:32 AM June 2, 2014
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By: Aarav Sen
Have you ever received an email promising you millions of dollars in lottery winnings if only you pay the taxes?

Two men have been arrested, charged and convicted of theft after collecting taxes on non existent lottery winnings, prosecutors in Nigeria said.

Now, Samson Akpaibor and Egbearo Friday of Benin, have been sentenced to seven years in prison for trying to get N2 million ($12,290) from a victim in the fake Globacom lottery. The two were sentenced after being convicted of 17 counts of theft.

Police launched an investigation against the two scammers following a complaint by a Dr. Christopher Onwubuemeli. Onwubuemeli told investigators that Akpaibor and Friday, sent an SMS that informed him of winning the lottery jackpot.

The message instructed him to pay taxes and surcharges before he can claim his prize. As part of a plea bargain agreement with prosecutors, Akpaibor and Friday, pleaded guilty to the 17 counts of theft.

In addition to the 7 year prison sentence the suspects were ordered to pay N829,536 ($5,100) in restitution.