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Chocolate addict kicks habit after being jailed for 5 months for stealing chocolate bar

By Mason White 1:45 PM June 2, 2014
Chocolate illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
A man swore off chocolate for the rest of his life after he was jailed due to his addiction to the sweet.

Luis Augusto Mora of Bogota, Colombia, who is a self-confessed chocolate addict, was jailed for five months after being convicted of stealing chocolate.

Mora has been housed in the La Picota prison, one of the toughest prisons with hardened criminals such as gang members and drug traffickers, for the crime of stealing chocolate bars at the value of $8.

Mora was caught with two stolen Jumbo bars at a Bogota supermarket.

The harsh punishment has caught the attention of President Juan Manuel Santos. In a radio interview he said that misdemeanors like these should not waste the time, effort and money of prosecutors.