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Woman attaches newborn baby to wedding dress train as she walks down aisle

By Mason White 2:35 PM June 2, 2014
Baby attached to wedding dress 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) Here comes the bride, and her newborn baby.

A woman has caused controversy after she found a unique way to include her baby in her wedding ceremony.

Shona Carter and Jonathan Brooks of Tennessee, got married last month.

The couple, who live in Jackson just outside of Nashville, wanted to include their one-month-old baby daughter, Aubrey, when walking down the red carpet.

Someone came up with the interesting idea of including the baby in her parents’ wedding ceremony by securing her to the train of the wedding dress as their parents walked down the aisle.

Shona and Jonathan have now been taking heat online for their poor parenting skills. However, Shona is defending her decision by saying that the baby was awake and well secured to the dress.

The baby did not seem distressed and all went as planned.