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Respected cancer scientist convicted of killing his neighbor’s cat with rat poison

By Mason White 9:32 AM June 3, 2014
Dr. Colin Whitehurst 

By: Devansh Dutt
A well respected cancer scientist was arrested, charged and convicted for killing his neighbor’s cat with rat poison, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

The incident occurred after the professor placed cat poison in his garden to try to kill off the rats that invaded his property.

Dr. Colin Whitehurst of Little Bollington, Cheshire, became popular for inventing the lighting equipment used to treat cancer and skin diseases. Prosecutors said that Whitehurst mixed rat poison with tuna and bacon, and hid it around his garden.

Tallulah, his neighbor’s cat, ate the toxic mix. The 18-month-old cat, who had given birth to a kitten, died in agony foaming at the mouth.

The cat’s owner, David Furness, 41, investigated the incident and discovered that poisoned food was placed on the neighbor’s property. Furness claimed that Whitehurst had spoken openly of his desire to free his land of any wildlife.

The 54-year-old scientist admitted to causing unnecessary suffering and was given a conditional discharge of 12 months. He was also ordered to pay 2493.03 pounds ($4,238) after showing contempt for wildlife.