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Nude female chefs welcome people at grand opening of restaurant

By Mason White 7:59 AM June 3, 2014
The chefs 

By: Aarav Sen
With many restaurants out there, owners have to make their eatery stand out.

One restaurant owner held a grand opening that brought controversy, but also made his eatery the talk of the town.

The restaurant in Guangdong, China, went for an unconventional touch for the opening, by featuring six nude models.

The women welcomed patrons in transparent thin aprons made from plastic and chef hats.

The women immediately attracted large crowds, who took photos and uploaded it to the Internet. The grand opening was a success.

The images attracted criticism as well as praise for the restaurant. Some people thought it was inappropriate and asked whether they were opening “a restaurant or a brothel.”

Others said it was a clever way to bring attention to the newly opened restaurant.