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Woman slashes cop’s uniform after threatening to cut off his privates

By Mason White 8:47 AM June 3, 2014
Police officer illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A woman was sentenced to nine months in prison after threatening a police officer.

The woman of Zvishavane, Zimbabwe, was sentenced to nine months in prison for threatening to castrate her husband with a knife before cutting his police uniforms to shreds.

Florence Hove, 25, pleaded ​​guilty to malicious damage to property when she appeared before magistrate judge Sangster Tavengwa.

The incident began when her husband Evias Vadhuma Murambo, 57, who is a senior member of the neighborhood watch committee, returned home late and found his wife speaking with another man.

Murambo, who was drunk at the time, questioned his wife as to why she was cheating on him with a number of younger men. A fight broke out as a result of the accusations.

Hove allegedly grabbed a butcher knife and threatened to castrate her middle-aged husband. Murambo escaped and locked his wife inside the house.

The woman allegedly warned her husband that he would regret his actions if he did not open the door, but he refused for fear of being stabbed.

Hove took out her anger on his police uniforms as well as seven of his jackets, two pairs of trousers and four shirts. She cut his clothes to pieces using the knife.

Murambo filed a police report and his wife was arrested.

Hove was sentenced to nine months in jail, but she will likely not spend any time in jail as two months were suspended for five years on condition that she does not commit another crime.

Five more months were suspended on condition that she performs 210 hours of community service, and the two remaining months were suspended on condition that she pays Murambo $250 as compensation for the clothes she destroyed.