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Father, 65, rapes and impregnates his teenage daughter

By Mason White 8:02 AM June 3, 2014
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By: Devansh Dutt
A man angered his community after he raped and impregnated his daughter.

Police officers came to the rescue of the father after community members wanted to carry out street justice and beat him.

65-year-old Samuel Uba of Oguta, Nigeria, was accused of raping his daughter until she became pregnant with his child.

17-year-old Hannah Uba, finally confided in neighbors and said that her father repeatedly raped her after his second wife died.

The neighbor reported the rape to city elders. When locals learned about the allegations they wanted to get to the father and carry out street justice.

However, officers arrived and took the father into custody. The man allegedly admitted to having sex with his daughter since his second wife died two years ago.

Samuel Uba has nine children, two girls and seven boys.

Hannah Uba said that she had been a sex slave for her father. She also said that she begged her father to remarry, but he refused.

“Every night he would come and rape me. When I refused to have sex with my dad, he beat me and then he raped me. It always occurred when the other children were asleep. It was the fear of the beating that kept me quiet,” Hannah Uba said.

When she realized that she was pregnant the teen finally came forward with the abuse.

In an interview, Samuel Uba allegedly said that he used to have sex with his second wife even when she was ill and when she was in the hospital.

Samuel Uba has appealed to the community for forgiveness, and blamed the devil for his abominable act. However, local residents and the Imo State Police commissioner are not forgiving at all, and said that Samuel Uba was charged with rape and impregnating a minor under the legal age.